Revolutionize your IT infrastructure with our cloud and virtualization solutions

Cloud computing solutions

With a 20+ year background in IT and project management, Carnahan Technical Solutions offers cutting-edge cloud and virtualization solutions to transform your organization. We work with you every step of the way. Offering cutting-edge Cloud computing consulting or managed services that help companies boost their productivity to new heights. Carnahan Technical Solutions is the team you can trust for your IT needs, no matter how big or small!

Technological advancements in information technology have made it possible to improve productivity and reduce costs. Cloud Services are one of the most effective ways businesses can benefit from these new technologies while lowering time-to-market. The use cases for our solutions span diverse industries, including healthcare, finance (including banks), transportation/warehousing – just about any industry you could imagine.

One of our company’s missions is to provide enterprise-level Cloud solutions tailored to any business needs. We do this by providing on-demand servers, storage databases, software apps, among others, at affordable prices with 24/7 customer support whenever you need us.

Our innovative consulting firm helps our clients make the right decisions and optimize their ROI. With expertise in Cloud-based services, we can offer you increased agility to meet changing market landscapes while maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI).

Virtualization Services

Minimize your costs and elevate your business with Carnahan Technical Solutions’ innovative, sophisticated virtualization solutions. Virtualization is the process of using software rather than hardware to create an artificial version on your server or computer system. It enables you to run multiple operating systems at once and do anything with the resources available.

Virtualization provides a way for companies to centralize administrative tasks, reduce hardware costs and improve scalability.

With on-prem systems, you are limited to what level of uptime and stability metrics you can achieve. We offer a wide range of cost-effective and reliable options that will work for any business needs.

The goal of any company is to increase productivity and reduce costs. Carnahan Technical Solutions offers services that can help you by switching your IT infrastructure from physical servers and reducing energy consumption while also controlling workloads across data centers.

With our expertise in virtualization, we can help you switch to a more efficient IT environment. We have successfully delivered end-to-end solutions with market-leading platforms like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Find out how we can revolutionize your IT solutions today.


cloud and virtualization solutions