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What we do

At Carnahan Technical Solutions, we keep your business running smoothly through ultra-secure, agile security solutions by providing managed IT solutions for the accounting industry.
Keeping your information secure and running smoothly is the goal of every business. That’s why we offer top-tier security for accounting businesses with features like Firewall Protection & Antivirus Software to keep you safe from outside threats and malicious software on board that could jeopardize everything else!

We provide IT solutions for the accounting industry

Save money and avoid hassles by partnering with an IT company that can provide all the solutions you need for your accounting business.
Looking for ways to streamline your technology so you can protect and secure data? Carnahan Technical Solutions offers a better way of managing an accounting business’s needs with its innovative solutions.
With our team of experts, we make sure your technology stays up and running. So you can focus on what really matters: running your business. We utilize our extensive expertise in IT to optimize all of your accounting business’s technical needs. All this without investing too much time or money!

Managed IT solutions for the accounting industry

Information technology is an intricately complex field that changes at a rapid pace. With so much evolving tech, many businesses have been left in the dust trying to keep up with it all while also managing day-to-day operations of their own offices and reducing costs for management along the way – but no longer!
We provide access to our state of art systems through cutting-edge solutions, which will help improve your office workflow and reduce management costs. IT services can include:
  • 24/7 environment monitoring
  • Data protection and security
  • Network unified threat management
  • Compliance
  • Server optimizations
  • Data storage management

Who we are

You can rest assured that with our team of experts, you’ll never need to worry about IT again. We offer a variety of services for every need- including managing your business’s data and system security or providing expert advice on how best to use technology in today’s marketplace! When you choose Carnahan Technical Solutions, you’ll have:
  • Round-the-clock system monitoring and problem-solving
  • Affordable consultant and VCTO solutions
  • Automated file backups and disaster recovery plans
  • Cybersecurity expertise allowing you to pass any required compliances for your business
  • Expert support to help you use IT to meet your business goals
We know that every business has different needs when it comes to managing its hardware, software, and devices. That’s because, at Carnahan Technical Solutions, we have been working with accounting businesses for over 20 years!
Carnahan Technical Solutions is an innovative company that specializes in helping businesses grow and focus on what matters. Whether you’re a solo practitioner, small firm, or medium-sized enterprise (MVE), we have the solutions for your needs! Let us know how our services can benefit YOU by contacting one of our representatives today at 1-855-4CTS-TECH.
IT solutions for the accounting industry
IT solutions for the accounting industry
IT solutions for the accounting industry