Managed IT solutions that will simplify your IT

Let us work for you

Do you have a lot of IT needs? Do you even know what your IT needs are? Let Carnahan Technical Solutions help you sift through all the data and provide you with the managed IT solution that suits your needs. Let our experts work for you!

We’re here to help make your life easier by streamlining your technical infrastructure.

We know your IT can be a pain point for businesses, and we want to help. Our remote management software will ensure you never have another headache when managing the company’s information systems again!

Expertise you can leverage

With our innovative, seamless managed IT solutions, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business instead of stressing about moody technology.

Your business endures and grows on a foundation of efficiently run core systems. Carnahan Technical Solutions is a leader in managed services for high-demand, regulated industries. Our team understands the complexities of hybrid and cloud environments because we’re not just another company that can do commodity work – we’ve built our reputation on finding new ways to solve even the most challenging problems with innovative solutions tailored specifically towards you.

Carnahan Technical Solutions can be your one-stop IT management company OR we can collaborate and reenforce your existing IT team to help your business continue to evolve. Some of our specialties of compliance, networking, security and project management can create a co-managed collaborative environment within your business.

We are the C-Suite of tomorrow and don’t just provide critical IT services. Building sustainable businesses that deliver on today’s needs and prepare for what comes next is our specialty.

Our managed IT solutions include:

  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Software and Patch Management
  • Local and Cloud Backups
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Data solutions
  • Service Desk
  • And more!

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managed IT solutions
managed IT solutions