Testimonials: The situation

Testimonials are an important part of any business. They convey what the business is all about. We are very proud of our clients and thank them for their willingness to help show what Carnahan Technical Solutions is able to achieve.
One of our testimonials is from a well-known photographer, specializing in portraiture. During the last five years, her studio has hosted photoshoots for A-listers, models, and even a bride or two! 

In 2022 due to high demand for her services, she took on an apprentice and PA to grow her fledgling business and started to retail products online as well as in-store.

However, along with the expansion and additional team members, the pressures of the business IT requirements grew. 

Much to her frustration, they were using a hopelessly out of date operating system with slow processing speeds and glitchy backups. 
She was facing expensive software license fees for increasing functionality demand such as data storage, web hosting, invoicing, and retail. 

In short: She was drowning due to poor IT solutions.

The solution

After a thorough discussion, our Carnahan Technical Solutions account manager David Carnahan carefully analyzed the issues faced by her business and came up with a custom IT infrastructure solution. 

Moving to a centralized cloud-based system allowed her team immediate access to emails, documents, and a centralized diary, as well as adding a polished client login portal with increased control and security.

The new system includes an integrated auto backup of data to an external server with no loss of processing speed, protecting precious photography images.  Most crucially, to streamline administration purposes, a smart software package was installed to unite retail, invoicing, and stock control.

The feedback

See what she had to say about the experience:

“I was hugely appreciative of Carnahan Technical Solutions for how quickly they whipped up and installed a new IT  solution that is perfect for our needs. It removed a lot of everyday stress and freed me to focus on what we are good at; the creative process.”
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